Choose Hot Tubs Direct CEO Steven Barbarich Maintains Business Philosophy Even During Economically Challenging Times

no comment Choose Hot Tubs Direct CEO Steven Barbarich Maintains Business Philosophy Even During Economically Challenging Times

CEO Steven Barbarich of Choose Hot Tubs Direct has managed to weather the global recession as more consumers shop online as an alternative to high mark ups on the price that are found in traditional retail venues. The e-commerce start-up totes a factory-direct business model that eliminates the middlemen, permitting us offer the most affordable wholesale prices on its portable spas and hot tubs. Steve Barbarich’s internal team of technically-versed sales persons & customer service representatives are able to assist online shoppers with an effective & consistent sales process.

Choose Hot Tubs Direct are able to offer customers the most economical option during these lean times, without compromising their progressive business philosophy. While your standard retail store needs 40% to 45% margins just to stay afloat in the portable spa and hot tubs business, ChooseHotTubsDirect can operate on margins as low as 30% through its factory direct e-commerce business model.

These days, selection is even more crucial for shoppers, as mainstream frugality takes hold. This situation is opening the eyes of consumers to other outlets for purchasing high-end products like hot tubs & portable spas. Many consumers are getting more for their dollar by shopping at discount stores and wholesale chains. There are also many consumers that are taking it one step further by doing cost comparisons and purchasing products online. With disposable incomes decreasing, ChooseHotTubsDirect wants consumers to be able to purchase a luxury product such as a portable spa or hot tub.

The typical distribution supply chain goes from manufacturer, to distributor, to retailer to the consumer. At each stop along this route, the price of the product gets inflated considerably. ChooseHotTubsDirect CEO, Steve Barbarich shared his thoughts on the matter and stressed, “I was determined to eliminate all of the middlemen in order to offer every hot tub customer the best deals and lowest prices on all our portable spa Steve Barbarich acknowledges that the secret to the success of Choose Hot Tubs Direct is its ability to maintain close involvement and corrdination with the factories, allowing Choose Hot Tubs Direct to supply the consumer with a quality selection of customizable portable spa & hot tubs products at astoundingly low prices. This unique process also ensures the most efficient purchase from beginning to end.

Invest In A Hot Tub from And Improve Your Lifestyle

no comment Invest In A Hot Tub from And Improve Your Lifestyle

What better way to improve you life, health and general well being that with ownership of a new hot tub. It truly offers numerous benefits few other entertainment products are capable of. The benefits of hydrotherapy for your health can’t be overstated, not to mention the joy and happiness that you will gain from your new approach to life.

The best way to handle stress from work, is by allowing your body rest and relaxation. Emmerse yourself in a hot tub spa and melt away the pain of your day. Adding an marine grade entertainment system – DVD player, HDTV, and surround sound stereo, will make your relaxation even more pleasant. Catch your favorite TV show, watch your favorite DVD, or listen to some tunes. You’ll thank yourself later for your healthy investment! Your spas hot tubs experience will then be complete!

Entertaining guests will never get any easier, if you decide to go for the entertainment system as an option. Get a large one and you’ll be able to invite practically the whole neighborhood! Try inviting some neighbors and be the life of the party! Pair this experience with a barbeque on your outdoor kitchen set up and WOW! You’ll be in party heaven!

You can ensure closeness with your family with a hot tub. Indeed, family time is shrinking due to time constraints parents have, commitments teens have and the lonesomeness latchkey kids can feel. You can count on spending quality time with your family when you have a hot tub spa. Soaking together for 20 minutes or so a day can instigate much needed communication, family bonding and the need for people to get together. You can all play fun games together or just have a enjoyable conversation about whatever comes to mind while relaxing. And using a spa can help you keep your family together and your eyes on what your children are up to – keeping them out of potential trouble.

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